Victor Ikechukwu

Howdy, I'm VIctor Ikechukwu

Software engineer + Tech writer • Educating and enabling developers everywhere 🥑

0.1 About me

I'm a Software engineer with over 3 years of experience building digital products and experiences on the web. I specialize in building interfaces that are elegant, intuitive, and effectively communicate products to their intended users using modern web technologies and practices, while ensuring maximum user-accessibility and usability.

On the side, I explore the space of technical content creation, developer marketing, and developer education for developer-tool companies. When I'm not writing code, you'll find me creating approachable software content for a technical/developer audiences that isn't boring, hard to understand, and resonates well with them. In other words, I'm into DevRel 🥑. You can learn more about the depth and versatility of my skills through my technical content portofolio .

0.2 Projects </>

I make sauce, but not in the kitchen 👨🏽‍🍳


  • Nextjs.
  • Redux-Toolkit.
  • TailwindCSS.

An online storehouse for all things crypto, with in-depth data about all cryptocurrencies, crypto markets, exchanges, popular cryptocurrency news and much more

Markdown editor

  • Next.js.
  • Storyblok.

A markdown web editor built with Nextjs and Storyblok CMS


  • Nuxt.js.
  • TailwinCSS.
  • Storyblok.

A high-end fashion clothing e-commerce store.

Plants World

  • Next.js.
  • Storyblok.
  • Snipcart.

An e-commerce store for plant lovers 🌿.

0.3 Technologies

I've worked with a range of technologies in the web development world.

My technical skills includes...
HTML/CSS/SASS, Javascript [ES6+], ReactJS, GatsbyJS, NextJS, Tailwindcss, CSS-in-JS, Typescript, GraphQL, Redux-Toolkit, Firebase...
and some other libraries, frameworks and technologies.